Did Sammy Guevara Want the Impact X Division Title?

Posted By James Walsh on 02/19/21

A new report has some additional details on the creative dispute between Sammy Guevara and Impact that made headlines earlier in the week. As previously reported, Guevara was pulled from the recent Impact tapings over creative issues. Initial reports suggested there was heat on Guevara at AEW over the issue, but that has since been shot down.

According to Wrestling Inc, the issues had nothing to do with Guevara wanting an X-Division title win or the like, as has been speculated by some online. Rather, it had to do with the fact that Guevara was strictly put into tag team matches and he asked for singles matches instead. That was what ultimately led to the creative dispute.

It was noted earlier today that Guevara is not expected to appear for Impact any time soon, and that the plan was only to have him over there for a short time before he made a “surprise” return to AEW.