Kenny Omega Says He Believes WWE & AEW Will Eventually Work Together

Posted By James Walsh on 02/20/21

In an interview with TalkSport, Kenny Omega spoke about the possibility of AEW and WWE working together in the future, similar to how the company is working with Impact and NJPW. Here are highlights:

On working with other companies: ďThe way I like to look at it is that there is two perspectives. Thereís the perspectives of the boys, the wrestlers. The people that donít really have to take the business calls or go to the marketing meetings. And theyíre all for being able to work with new and exciting talent and with a lot of people that are their friends. So all the boys are completely 100,000 percent up for it. However, wrestling isnít just wrestling. Itís also a business and a lot of people live and die by how the business is going for said promotion. Itís difficult for a company, after weighing up the pros and cons of a talent exchange or an amalgamation or a trade or a company versus company situation Ė whatever Ė because all you can do is take a very educated guess how youíre going to come out of that.Ē

On not worrying about how a company looks: ďAre you going to come out looking stronger? Losing money, losing prestige, losing value? I understand that there is a fear to that. To me, I always feel that if the fans win, and even if your company wins via a fraction of a percent, look, thatís a victory you never had going into an exchange or working with somebody else. Who cares if a company ends up looking better. Maybe they get a little bit extra profit out of it. Maybe their five percent increase beat out your two percent increase. Thatís just two victories Ė thereís no loser in that battle. And if the fans are happy and they seem more excited to see your next weekly television show or next pay-per-view, I see that just being the start of many other victories to come because you have made a new fan, or rejuvenated an old fan into being more excited for your product.Ē

On if a deal with WWE could happen: ďPeople change from day-to-day. You could have a bad day and completely change your mind on a topic. But from when I did speak at length with Triple H, it really felt like he understood a lot of my thought process and not only was I looking to unite and unify the world of professional wrestling and all of that, but he definitely got it. The thing is, I also understand their side of things too. Thereís no right or wrong way anymore in wrestling. To me, and itís the outlook I take on everything, if we can make the fans enjoy what we do more, thatís the right way. But I do try to get into the heads [of other companies] and see things from a different viewpoint where Iím not a suit in a business meeting, Iím not punching a clock and I donít have to look at the numbers and crunch the data that goes from day-to-day, month-to-month Ė Iím just a performer. I kind of do have my hand a little in these types of things, but I still find myself worrying about the quality of the show and making the fan/consumer happy. I think Triple H is still being one of the boys for the better part of his career. Iím sure a big part of how he runs his business and how he looks at WWE, NXT and all those things he has a finger in, I really do think he does it for the sake of fans as well. So when he does say things like heís open for business, I do think if there is a situation which could maybe eliminate some of the worries and fears from the other people that have a say in making these things happen, I do see it being a reality.Ē