Tyson Dux Says he Almost Worked for AEW Before the Pandemic Hit

Posted By James Walsh on 02/20/21

In an interview with Spencer Love for Love Wrestling, Tyson Dux revealed that he was originally supposed to appear for AEW as a tag team partner for Shawn Spears before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Here are highlights:

On plans for him in AEW: ďIt was supposed to be a thing with Spears when Spears was having people come out and doing tags with him. Itís of course switched since then, but they wanted me to come down and tag with him, be his partner, and run that kind of angle. Thatís all gone now but weíll see what happens. Weíll see him down the line.Ē

On Shawn Spears: ďWith Spears itís one thing, and this is the hardest thing in professional wrestling to learn. Itís only when you start in this business that you really get a sense of it, but itís timing. Shawn is a good big guy, attractive, athletic, all this stuff , but what sets apart (more) than anybody else is his sense of timing is perfect. He knows when to sell, when to fire up, when to go back to the sell, when to change gears, all this stuff where I donít have to tell him. I donít have to plan anything, we can just go out there and do it. Heís just got a real natural gift for timing. A lot of guys, I have to pull along. Like I either (say) like Ďslow down,í or I was like Ďpick it up,í you know what I mean? I never, I have never had to give him one of those calls ever. Like none of those cues. Whereas like guys on Ė usual guys that think they know what theyíre doing in this business, you know how it is, they go a long time, but all it is, is they just know how to do wrestling moves. They donít know when to put the wrestling moves and why theyíre putting the wrestling moves. Shawn knows how.Ē

On if there are any wrestling styles heís uncomfortable working: ďWithout a doubt. Okay, yes, there is one style that I canít work. Itís not because I canít work it, itís because I choose not to work it. I wonít do the hardcore stuff anymore Ė no, thereís a couple, then. Thereís two. So Iím not going to do hardcore stuff anymore because to me, Iím a true Ė Iíve said this, with this coming year that I want to be known as the modern day Lou Thesz. I want to bring wrestling back, because thereís such a Ė weíre so off kilter with balance, where we made everybody part of an inside joke and itís not even a funny joke. Itís like guys are doing really, really silly stuff or really over the top, very dramatic with no reality base to it at all. They just do (it) because they can. I donít want to do that anymore. So going forward, it doesnít matter what anybody else does, Iím not gonna yell at him, Iím gonna never shit on this stuff. They want to do whatever they do, thatís fine. That makes them money, so be it. But me going forward, Iím going to be strictly professional wrestling the way wrestling was intended to be.

So like anything with four ways and three ways and all that stuff, I say no. Anything with hardcore, I say no, because thatís not wrestling to me. Thatís, you know, youíre just smashing up lawn furniture. Iím not going to do any of the silly comedy stuff. Iím not going to be a part of it, Iím not going to be a part of anything that feels as though itís damaging the integrity of professional wrestling. Because thereís been countless guys that are in the grave now. Weíve got countless guys that have come and gone and been in the grave that put their whole life and
body and limb and everything on the line, and the more we make it into a silly, silly joke, we take away the fact that these guys are risking life and limb every time for your entertainment. Thereís guys out there that are really busting their ass that are taking major, major risk where they could be hurt severely and not only not wrestle anymore, but maybe not walk anymore, and then we make light of it because we can. Silly spots where guys have remote controls and slow down the action stuff. In the past I might have done it, but going forward, with the balance being so off and everything needs balance, Iím pulling back the reins on it. Iím bringing back
grappling and professional wrestling the way it used to be.Ē