Bobby Lashley Is Having A Blast Working With MVP In The Hurt Business

Posted By James Walsh on 02/20/21

In an interview with Sporting News, Bobby Lashley spoke about working with MVP as part of the Hurt Business and said that heís having a blast doing it at this stage of his career. Here are highlights:

On doing The Hurt Business at this stage of his career: ďItís a blast, man. Probably one of my favorite times in my entire career because this is real. There have been angles before that people donít believe but this one is authentic. MVP, Shelton and Cedric flew into Denver, where Iím at, just to see my suit guy. Itís freezing out here! But they wanted to come out here and hang out. Wrestlers donít normally do this. These are my friends. Iíve known MVP for maybe 18 years now. I knew Sheldon in college when we wrestled against each other. We all see ourselves in Cedric and we have a lot of knowledge we are passing along to him. One time, Cedric came into the building and he had his suit on a hanger. MVP stopped him and asked why his suit was on a hanger. He needed to put it on because the suit is what we are about. Itís not a character we just do on TV. Itís who we are. We are professionals.Ē

On comparisons to the Nation of Domination: ďMy first thought was, ďThank you!Ē But thatís not who we were. Because you see a group of Black guys, some people immediately associate them with another group of Black guys. I love what The Nation did but thatís not what weíre about at all. But we are totally different. Itís not about black and white; we are about green and gold. We are thugs in suits because we have a hardcore style but want to look good doing it. We wanted to show a different representation of Black men because we havenít seen that. We are four professional Black men who can mess you up. Thatís what weíre all about.Ē

On the angle with Lana and Rusev: ďIt happened so quick. When I was introduced to it, I was told what to do and Ö (groans). I didnít understand the magnitude of it. But the one thing I did know was that I was doing something different. And you can say whatever you want about Lana but she was 100 percent committed and invested in that character. I felt awkward doing it. Iím always in fight mode but it was good to pull me out of that mode. But I needed to relax and just have fun with it. I loosened up because I knew we were trying to entertain people. I understood that, even though I didnít originally like the idea and ended up being cool with it. Itís not comfortable for me but I understood the lesson I was being taught.Ē