Dark Side of the Ring Preview for This Season Including a "Confidential" Opener

Posted By James Walsh on 02/22/21

PWInsider reports that VICE TV will have a special called Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential that will air on March 9, ahead of the third season premiere. It will have an overview of the past two seasons, a preview of the next season and an interview of series creators Evan Hunsley and Jason Eisner by Conrad Thompson. The interview was filmed at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia last year.

The season will have fourteen episodes overall. The latest to be confirmed is an episode about the Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington. His first wife Michelle, their children and his former sister-in-law Julie Hart were interviewed. Here’s the updated list of episodes:

* Dynamite Kid
* Brian Pillman (will begin the season)
* Chris Kanyon
* Johnny K-9/Bruiser Bedlam
* Nick Gage
* WCW/NJPW Collision in Korea
* The Smith family – Grizzly Smith and his children, Jake Roberts, Sam Houston and Rockin’ Robin