Angry Miz Girl & Jerry "The King" Lawler React to the Miz's World Title Win

Posted By James Walsh on 02/22/21

The Miz left Elimination Chamber last night as the new WWE Champion, getting his second title reign nearly ten years after his first one ended. Two of his biggest ‘opponents’ during that run both weighed in with their thoughts.

The first was Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, who faced Miz for the WWE title at the Elimination Chamber event in 2011.

He wrote on Twitter: “Almost ten years ago, to the day, at #eliminationchamber2011 I wrestled @mikethemiz for the @WWE Title…I think it’s time for the rematch.

Next, the ‘Angry Miz Girl’ Caley, who infamously had a scowl on her face after he first won the title in 2010, spoke to SportsKeeda after he won.

She said: “I personally think he’s one of the best on the roster, I know it’s a big change from my opinion 10 years ago but I love him when he’s a heel champion, I think he’s got the personality for it down to a T. I loved meeting The Miz and he was always super kind to me and he worked super hard, so I definitely think he deserves it.