Deonna Purrazzo on Who She Would Like IMPACT to Sign for the Knockouts Division

Posted By James Walsh on 02/22/21

Deonna Purrazzo did an interview with Ella Jay and spoke about who she would like IMPACT to sign for the Knockouts Division.

Oh, gosh, I think Im just like womens wrestling, so I dont know about men, but I have like a list of people that when the opportunity is right, Id like to present and hopefully get into Impact Wrestling, and like atop of that list is Hyan, is Rok-C is Jody Threat But those three are, that I think could benefit so much from being on TV and being with IMPACT Wrestling in our Knockouts Division could do the same with those three people. Willow Nightingale is another one who I suggest to everyone always because Ive known her since we both started and I just want to see her get the opportunity to really showcase herself to the world. So yeah, I just think our vision has grown so much in the last year and Im excited to see in the next year or two years or three years where it can go even further.