Will Ospreay Calls Out CM Punk & Drew McIntyre During NJPW Press Conference

Posted By James Walsh on 04/05/21

NJPW’s English website reports that Will Ospreay held his first press conference as the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, where he called out both CM Punk and WWE’s Drew McIntyre. Here are highlights:

On if he wants to separate the IWGP belts again: “Will I put in a request to separate this world championship and bring back the Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships? My answer is no. It’s time to move on. That legacy is gone and I don’t care about it. I stand by that. It’s not about the championship, it’s the man that makes the championship and I plan to make this the most important championship in the world.”

On the RPW British World Championship: “Due to what’s going on in the world at the moment, I cannot go back to England to defend my championship at the moment. That is a shame; I do want to defend this title, but I can’t get back there, and there are no challengers for me. So Andy (Quildan, RPW president) will just have to settle with the South Side Heavyweight Championship. But I would be more than happy to defend the British heavyweight Championship here in Japan and raise the stakes a bit. In fact, coming from a country that has produced the best wrestlers in the world, maybe we could even present the option of renaming the RPW British Heavyweight Championship the IWGP British heavyweight Championship.”

On which wrestlers he wants to face: “I firmly believe I am the best British wrestler of all time. There is not a single British wrestler that has ever ventured to Japan and climbed to the top of the mountain. Dynamite Kid, British Bulldog, didn’t get to the top of the mountain. Pete Dunne, great wrestler, didn’t come close. I can name a bunch of British wrestlers who didn’t do what I have done. But I would like to test myself against another British wrestler that calls himself the best. A man that held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Drew McIntyre, he called himself the best British wrestler that ever lived, so if there was ever a chance that we could work out the visas, I’d love IWGP World Heavyweight Champion vs WWE Champion between two British wrestlers. Before I was champion, a man who sparked a whole lot of interest in pro-wrestling, CM Punk said he’d like to face Will Ospreay. Now I have the biggest prize in pro-wrestling, so if you really want to prove you were the best in the world and not the best of a bad bunch, come over here and try and take this.”