Mustafa Ali Manages to Blame Himself and Not Others for Not Making It to WrestleMania Card

Posted By James Walsh on 04/05/21

WWE star Mustafa Ali took to Twitter during tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw to comment on being left off this year’s WrestleMania 37 card. The former RETRIBUTION leader states admits that there are no excuses to be made, and that he plans on working even harder to make it onto next year’s Showcase of the Immortals.

Ali writes, “Hundreds of excuses. Hundreds of hurdles and lies. But at the end of the day, it’s on me. No one and nothing else to blame but me. Another year, another WrestleMania that I’m not going to compete in. Nothing has ever been given to me. This is no different. Next year, you’re mine.”

Ali recently told Metro UK that he expected to have a singles-matchup with Kofi Kingston at this year’s Mania, which would have played off of their history that led to the famous KofiMania push. Check out his tweet below.