Matt Cardona Says WWE Told Him Not to Do Certain Moves Because of Ronda Rousey

Posted By James Walsh on 04/06/21

During an interview with former WWE star Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) talked about how he wasn’t allowed to do a baseball slide because Ronda Rousey was doing one on the same night…

“One time I was told — I was having a match before RAW, Main Event, or Superstars, or whatever it’s called. And my producer told me I couldn’t do a baseball slide to the floor because Ronda Rousey was doing it like two hours later on RAW. I can understand if you’re saying I can’t put Mike Kanellis through the announce table on Main Event. OK I get it. But I can’t do a baseball slide?! We’re talking about a baseball slide here! Because Ronda Rousey is doing a baseball slide? You think anybody is thinking in the arena, ‘Oh, Zack Ryder did that baseball slide two hours ago’? Like, come on!” (quote courtesy of