Chris Jericho Blocks MVP On Twitter for Divisive Speak

Posted By James Walsh on 04/07/21

Of the many reasons to block MVP on Twitter, and I'll list a few below, it looks like Chris Jericho has selected one.

- Rampart left wing propaganda
- Rampart anti-white or any race except black racism
- Self promotion, sometimes without legal right to do so. See his genius Lucha Underground firing
- General bullshittery

Jericho questioned why the vote counting stopped in November, a fair question, and was lectured by MVP on how to behave. It looks like Jericho just blocked MVP.

You will never know what the Wrestling Epicenter's politics are. But, propaganda of any kind, even that we agree with, is still propaganda. We don't believe in people being told how to think or a mob mentality acting as judge, jury, and executioner towards a person's right to exist. That goes for those who are on both sides of the aisle and have valid things to say. Everyone should be allowed a seat at the table to express their opinions and views. That is what a free society is based on. And, it is why we've opted off of Twitter entirely. If all views aren't welcome, we won't share ours on there.