Rob Van Dam Says Being in the WWE Hall of Fame Means More than Being World Champion

Posted By James Walsh on 04/07/21

In an interview with the Battle Creek Enquirer, Rob Van Dam spoke about going into the WWE Hall of Fame, which he said means more to him than being a World champion. Here are highlights:

On finding out he was going into the Hall of Fame: “I was delighted when I heard. It was a surprise call. To me, it means a lot. I am going down in history with the legends that inspired me when I was growing up in Battle Creek, dreaming of being a professional wrestler. Now generations to come will look at me in a similar way. That’s quite an honor.”

On how it feels to be inducted: “Being inducted into the Hall of Fame probably means more than being a world champion because there are probably a lot of world champions that will never be in the hall of fame. To have Vince McMahon stand up during the induction ceremony and tell me that I changed the style of the business was probably the highest compliment I could imagine.”

On not knowing he would go in: “I didn’t know if it would ever happen. When people referred to me as a future Hall of Famer, that was a big enough compliment for me, just to know that they saw me with that respect. So now that I actually have that Hall of Fame ring and plaque, and it’s official, it’s a proud moment.”