Slammiversary's Main Event Is Interesting on Every Level

Posted By James Walsh on 07/14/21

Today is Wednesday and we are just 4 days away from Slammiversary where Kenny Omega, an AEW signed talent and Executive Vice President, defends his Impact Wrestling championship against Sami Callihan.

This match, perhaps more so than anyother match involving Omega in Impact Wrestling, is interesting. While we were not overly blown away by the build up to Kenny against Rich Swann nor did the match deliver as it was riddled with botches and styles clashes, this match really is interesting because of those styles clashes. It is hard to explain. But, I'll try.

Kenny Omega is a heel and has been since December. He rips on Impact Wrestling constantly and, though he's lived up to his obligations in the company, has disrespected the Impact championship by having Nakazawa carry it on AEW Dynamite instead of carrying it himself. On an Impact show at Impact's home base since the start of the pandemic, Kenny should be the heel.

That said, the guy carrying the Impact flag into battle has been doing so for the better part of 4 years. But, even though he is, to borrow a phrase Moose used for himself, Mr. Impact Wrestling, is also a little insane. In fact, he's a lot insame. He's the most intense professional wrestler I have laid eyes on since the late great "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I hope he takes that as a compliment. Because, it certainly is about as big of a compliment as I know how to give. Back on point, Sami is a born and natural heel. While Lex Luger was able to shed his conceit and become Yankee Doodle Dandy after Hulk Hogan left the WWE in 1993, Sami is an intense, natural heel. But, he's the babyface in this story for sure.

The audience reaction will be interesting. Will it be a pro Impact crowd? Remember nWo Souled Out in 1997? They anticipated the nWo to be babyfaces at that show. And, they weren't. The result was, partially because of this, a complete disaster. Though the show would have been lackluster anyway, ultimately, the audience not reacting the way they should have didn't help... Neithe dud the awkward Miss nWo beauty contest where only a few were even worthy of a last call charity boink. But, I digress.

If the vocal AEW crowd shows up and craps on the top Impact Wrestling challenger on their own PPV, does that reflect poorly on Impact? But, if the Impact crowd shows up and Kenny drops the belt, would this spell the end of the "Forbidden Door" between the two promotions? Lets be honest, AEW hasn't utilized many Impact Wrestling stars. We could debate why... I think some of Impact's talent would show up some of AEW's. That isn't to say AEW doesn't have stars. Of course they do. But, had there been a crowd there to see Moose and Omega have their solid match that Impact aired a few weeks back, would they not notice that Moose is larger than 90% of the AEW roster and looks more like a star than that same percentile of talent? If Rosemary showed up and should happen to cross paths with Abadon, would that not cement that Abadon is what is delivered if you ordered Rosemary on WISH? I could continue... Deonna Purrazzo would show up most of the roster perhaps with the exception of Britt Baker herself. The Mack looks like he looks and can do what he does better than Cerpentico or whatever his name is.

Of course, Sting, Christian Cage, Brian Cage, Darby Allin, and so many others are top guys in AEW and the entire industry. But, AEW has not utilized Impact's roster when it theoretically could and one has to wonder if the reason is exactly what I suggested.

Slammiversary will have an epic finale. What that includes will be very interesting for a wrestling purists perspective, a creative perspective, and as a potential sign of how this working relationship will continue going forward or perhaps, if it even will.