New Report Says Daniel Bryan Has Signed With AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 07/21/21

A potential bombshell has dropped friends.

According to, former WWE superstar and multi-time world champion Daniel Bryan has signed with All Elite Wrestling. The report states that the current free agent recently locked in his deal with the promotion shortly after news surfaced that WWE had not listed Bryan in their 2021-2022 merchandising plans. Rumors are that he will debut for the company at the Arthur Ashe Stadium show in New York on September 22nd.

It is said that Bryan received all of his asking points with AEW, which were to work less dates, have an option to appear in Japan, and have creative input on his character. His WWE contract officially expired back in April following his loss to Roman Reigns on an episode of SmackDown. He has not made any statements or done any press regarding his pro-wrestling future since that defeat.