WWE Officials Back to Viewing NXT as a Developmental Program

Posted By James Walsh on 07/22/21

Triple H has been vocal about the fact that he views NXT more than just a developmental brand, but that’s how the Tuesday brand is seen by WWE according to a new report. Journalist Jon Alba reports that sources in the company have told him NXT is “officially viewed internally” as a developmental brand and not the third brand that Triple H and others have called it in recent times.

The Game has often said on media calls and in interviews that he doesn’t view NXT as developmental and has pointed out how talent like Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Charlotte Flair and others have spent time on the brand, as well as how some talent are able to be big names in WWE without ever leaving the brand. By the same token, talent far more commonly moves from NXT to Raw or Smackdown, and WWE caused a lot of raised eyebrows when NXT Champion Karrion Kross lost to Jeff Hardy on Monday’s Raw in a fairly short match.