Britt Baker Breaks Down Her Promo Process, Talks Fans Being Unpredictable

Posted By James Walsh on 07/23/21

AEW womenís champion Britt Baker recently spoke with Endless Hustle about her process of shooting a promo, where the Dentist admits it can be quite nerve-racking due to the unpredictability of the pro-wrestling fan-base. Hear Bakerís full thoughts on the subject below.

How promos are hard for her because todayís wrestling fans are so unpredictable:

I get more nervous for promos than anything else because itís all eyes on you and if something goes wrong, itís your fault. The fans are unpredictable, especially in todayís society. You think you know what theyíre going to do, but you never know. Theyíre cheering the bad guy. Itís so unpredictable.

Says she likes to bullet point her promos:

For me, Iím a bullet point type person. I like to think of what to say and what is my goal and then, pretty much, how can I be a real asshole in saying what I want to say. Thatís my character, thatís who I am. Itís a little bit of reality too because I love a good zinger in real life. I have a lot of fun with promos and Iíve had a lot of growth and development and help with promos too because I had no idea what I was doing at first. Itís come a long way.