Edge Reveals He Had To Be Talked Into Participating In The First Money In The Bank Match: ďI Donít Want To Be The Ladder Match GuyĒ

Posted By James Walsh on 07/24/21

During his recent appearance on WWEís The Bump Hall of Famer Edge spoke about all things pro-wrestling, most notably how he had to be talked into participating in the first ever Money In The Bank ladder match. Hear the R-Rated superstarís full story below.

Says he did not want to be known as the ladder guy:

I wish I could say that I had this vision of how it would become its own PPV, and no, not at all. As a matter of fact, when they first told me that Iíd be in this thing called the Money in the Bank match, I said, ĎAnother ladder match? I donít want to be the ladder match guy. I want to do more than that. I want a straight wrestling match where I can just get in there and go.í I actually said, ĎDonít put me in it. Iíll find my way on WrestleMania another way and if Iím not on this year Iíll make sure Iím on next year, but Iím tired of ladder matches. I donít want to get pigeonholed for that.í That was not very bright thinking.

Says he had to be talked into participating in Money In The Bank match

So finally, and this sounds so stupid, but I had to be talked into participating in the match. It wasnít until about eight months in, holding this briefcase, carrying it with me on every plane because I had to take that thing everywhere ó Thatís when I started to realize. When I came out at New Yearís Revolution and I heard the crowd, thatís when I went, ĎOh man, this is something, this is something very cool.í Then to be involved in the next five yearís worth of cash-ins or ó Either it was I cashed-in or it was cashed-in on me. Or I was in the match where it was cashed-in. Itís so amazing to sit back and think I was a huge part of Money in the Bank, which is now a PPV, and TLC, which is now a PPV. Thatís really cool. Thatís the kind of thing when you first get into this, but when youíre thinking of getting out of it you go, ĎOkay, hopefully, I gave back to this industry and I made it better while I was here. Hopefully.í That should be the goal. I try and help talent along the way, try and push people, whatever it is. Even if those are the only two things that I am part of leaving behind, because there was plenty of talent involved in it, then itís mission accomplished.