Nick Gage Says He Wants To Face Kenny Omega In A Deathmatch, Gives Omega Major Props

Posted By James Walsh on 07/24/21

GCW champion Nick Gage recently joined the Wrestling Delorean podcast to discuss his cameo at last week’s AEW Fyter Fest, as well has promote this weekend’s Homecoming events in New Jersey. During the leader of the MDK Gang speaks about top AEW superstar Kenny Omega, and how he hopes to face the Cleaner one day in a deathmatch. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says if he faces Omega it would have to be in a deathmatch:

Oh I have no problem facing Kenny Omega, but it would be in a death match. It wouldn’t be a regular match, ya know? He says he is the King of the Death match? Well lets go with real glass and real barbwire. You know what I mean? Lets go.

Gives him major props for being one of the top guys in the industry:

Kenny Omega is a f–kin’ awesome wrestler man. Props to that guy. It’s so insane. He got about 16 belts around his waist right now and neck and shoulders. He is a great wrestler but yea I’ll take him in a death match man. We will surround that f***ing ring. Put up 200 light tubes and we will see who the king of the death match is.