Kevin Nash Explains Why The Curtain Call Happened, Reveals Moment He Decided To Leave WWE For WCW

Posted By James Walsh on 07/25/21

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was the latest guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including the former world champions’ thoughts on the curtain call and why he decided to leave WWE for WCW. Highlights from the interview are below.

Why the Kliq decided to do the curtain call in MSG:

“People don’t understand this, and it pisses me off to such a degree. I’m leaving. The last house show that we did at Madison Square Garden, it was the highest non-pay-per-view drawing house show. We built the Garden back. We did $109,000 my first Garden show with [Hulk] Hogan on top. We’re at 360,000 with us? With us guys? Guys at the back of the bus, we’re at $360,000. I can only say this on my dead mother’s grave: it was not done with malice,” Nash stated.”

Says he was unhappy that Shawn Michaels let Triple H take the fall:

“I was pissed at Shawn that he let it happen.”

Says he wouldn’t have left WWE for WCW if Vince McMahon matched Ted Turners offer:

“We had to give a 90 day notice. I thought as good as I could write the letter to Vince explaining, ‘All I’m saying Vince is I’m not allowing my contract to rollover.’ I didn’t say, ‘I’m gone.’ I wanted to sit down, I said, because if he could’ve met what they were going to pay me, I was going to stay.”

On the moment he decided to go to WCW:

“I had a match at In Your House, Louisville, Kentucky with Bret, and thats when Taker pulls me underneath and Bret slides out. I just wanted to stick Bret and have him beat because Taker had Bret beat, and I screwed him at the Rumble,” Nash said. “Flipped him off and walked away. In order to tit for tat, I had to have Bret beat. Bret wouldn’t take the finish. Vince caved on making Bret do the finish. When he wouldn’t do that for business, because that was what was right for business, that’s when I said, ‘F–k it. I’ll take the money. You’re not doing what’s right.’”