Backstage Update on Possible Ankle Injury for Natalya

Posted By James Walsh on 07/27/21

During last night’s Raw, Eva Marie and Doudrop faced women’s tag champs Tamina and Natalya in a non-title match. Tamina and Natalya picked up the win, but it appears Natalya was hurt during the match while she was in an exchange with Doudrop. Natalya then started favoring her right leg before Tamina took over and later picked up the pinfall win over Eva Marie. After the match, Nattie was helped to the back by ringside officials. Dave Meltzer spoke about the injury on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer reported that the injury was to Natalya’s right ankle and not her knee. He said he didn’t know how serious the injury is yet. He added that there probably won’t be any additional information regarding Natalya’s injury until the end of today (July 27).

Previously, some years back, Nattie actually had a broken ankle injury that she didn’t know about and was working on the broken ankle before it was actually diagnosed. You can see a clip from the match below. The exchange where Natalya appears to hurt her ankle happens at about a minute in.