Ronda Rousey Defends Olympic Quitter Simone Biles

Posted By James Walsh on 07/28/21

If you lose, you're a loser. Even if you "identify" as a winner. Selfishness by taking a position you're not mentally equipped to hold is not something to be praised. The 5th member of the team that didn't get to go because she filled that spot got screwed. She's no hero. She should be ashamed.

Ronda Rousey has Simone Biles’ back after the gymnast withdrew from the all-around competition at the Summer Olympics. Biles announced on Wednesday that she was opting to not compete in Thursday’s all-around competition and had previously withdrawn from the team final following one rotation in order to focus on her mental health.

The decision has drawn criticism from some corners, but Rousey was among those posting to show her support for Biles. She wrote:

“Everyone judging @Simone_Biles doesnt know their foot from their a**hole when it comes to being in her position. Shes on the Olympic team while you’re on Twitter. Whatever is going on cannot be grasped from outside. She’s doing the absolute best she can given the situation she’s in.”