Tony Khan on AEW's Jericho Gage Match

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/29/21

Last night’s AEW Fight for the Fallen show was headlined with Chris Jericho and Nick Gage facing off in a no-disqualification matchup, a showdown that saw both men get bloodied up after the use of glass, pizza cutters, and light-tubes in one of the most violent television bouts in U.S. wrestling history.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW President Tony Khan was well-aware of the limits that Nick Gage and Jericho would go to and even spoke to TNT executives prior to the broadcast to keep them informed about what was going to happen in the match. The report also mentions that Chris Jericho agreed to take all the punishment dished out by Gage, and quite possibly even came up with some of the spots himself.

The Observer adds that AEW most likely will not do a matchup like this on television again, unless the segment does well in the quarter hour ratings, which will be released later today. Stay tuned.