Dean Malenko Has Major Praise For Serena Deeb, Says He Wishes He Could Have Wrestled AJ Styles

Posted By James Walsh on 07/29/21

AEW producer and former multi-time WCW cruiserweight champion Dean Malenko recently joined 80s wresting for a virtual Q&A, where the Man of a 1000 holds discussed all things pro-wrestling, including how he would have loved to face the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Highlights can be found below.

On a pitch he made to have Alzheimer’s and he kept forgetting his wrestling holds:

I actually pitched an idea years ago that I had Alzheimer’s and I kept forgetting my holds. I’m like Man of 1,000, Man of 618, Man of 320 and I got down to like one hold and I couldn’t remember it and I lost the match and my career was over.

Say she sees a lot of himself in Serena Deeb:

Serena Deeb. Actually, she just took over my moniker. She’s now Woman of 1,000 Holds. She’s very good, very talented.

How he would have loved to face AJ Styles:

This little guy Rey Mysterio. Nah, [I’m joking]. I’m a big fan of AJ Styles. I love AJ’s work. I’d love to have a match with him.