Lance Storm Weighs In on Karrion Kross’ Loss to Jeff Hardy in Raw Debut

Posted By James Walsh on 07/29/21

Lance Storm discussed Karrion Kross losing to Jeff Hardy in his Raw debut and what he didn’t like about it in a new interview. Storm appeared on the It’s My House Podcast and you can see some highlights below:

On Kross’ loss to Hardy in his Raw debut: “Granted, I didn’t watch the show but I obviously saw the results and saw the clip of the finish and I don’t agree with it. I think that win streaks and being undefeated still has value even in an era where, you know, so often we’re taught that wins and losses don’t matter. The start of Becky Lynch’s big run was about seven or eight weeks of just submitting women all the time, and it led to her title match. And then when they tried to turn her after that, they got hot and she ended up being like the most over thing the business has seen in a decade.

“And if you remember back, you know the CM Punk/Ryback main event on a PPV in a cage? It was a big thing because Ryback hadn’t lost and Punk was the champ. And there’s still something to that. And the fact that Kross hadn’t been beat, and was built so monumentally strong in NXT and I think fans were really getting into Kross vs Joe.”

On there being no story for the match: “I think more so than even just the loss, there was no issue, there was no anything. It’s just, ‘Oh, you’re wrestling Jeff Hardy.’ It’s like, ‘Okay, great.’ And then, Jeff Hardy beat him and it was just like, ‘Wow.’ And no offence to Jeff Hardy, but Jeff Hardy isn’t pushed like a legendary top guy. It’s like, a lot of people do beat him. He’s not highlighted probably nearly as much as he should. Because you know, there was a period of time actually was around ’05 where he was like the hottest damn guy in the business, right before he left.

“I think in today’s presentation Jeff Hardy is not the future of the company, and Kross is presented like he could be. And at the very least I personally feel that if you just squash three or four guys and then face Bobby Lashley, and got beat by Lashley, at least it would have been a big moment of, ‘Oh shit, Kross vs. Lashley? this could be good.'”