Nick Gage 'Apologies' to Domino's for Actions on AEW Dynamite

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/30/21

As previously reported, Domino’s didn’t seem too pleased at its commercial, which featured a pizza cutter, airing directly after Nick Gage used a pizza cutter on Chris Jericho on this week’s AEW Dynamite.

Gage took to Twitter on Friday to apologize to Domino’s for offending them, while also noting that perhaps he is too ultraviolent for teelvision.

“i tried to cut jerichos scalp off my bad TMZ it is what it is but yeah thanks aew and thanks all MDK gang members we showed em whats up and also sorry dominos didnt mean to offend you guess im too ultraviolent for tv oh well all my new fans come see me at GCW its MDK all fn day,” Gage wrote.

Despite potentially losing Domino’s as a sponsor, AEW could have a replacement in Pabst Blue Ribbon, who offered their services to replace the pizza company.