Serena Deeb on her Knee Injury

Posted By James Walsh on 07/31/21

AEW star and former NWA womenís champion Serena Deeb released a video on her personal Instagram page revealing that sheís been dealing with a knee injury, which explains her absence on AEW programming. You can read highlights from her statement and check out the full video below.

Says she tried to work through the injury but eventually she hit a roadblock:

Recently, I hit a roadblock and I wanted to address it and be honest. I see everything. ĎSerena should be on Dynamite more. Serena should be on pay-per-view more. Serena is the best.í Youíre right. The truth is, right now, Iím hurt. Iím injured. My knee has been playing up for a while and bothering me in matches. I tried to fight through the pain. Was it the smartest thing to do? Probably, but thatís what I do.

Deeb then cuts a promo stating why she is the best in the world:

Iím Serena Deeb. Iím from the old school. What I was taught is that if you could walk to the ring, you could step (in the ring) and do your job. I canít even freakiní walk, but Iím sitting in a wheelchair, in the ring, trying to get better. Iím nothing like the girls today that break a nail and take six weeks off. Do you know why Iím the best? Iíll give you a perfect example; first thing I do after my matches is I walk to the back and I find a Tully Blanchard or Arn Anderson or Dean Malenko and I ask, ĎHow can I improve and get better?í Do you know what the rest of these girls do? They run to the back, bury their faces in their cellphones and see what the Internet says. Then they wonder why they donít get any better. The truth is, not one of them can lace my boots, not one of them is in my league. Yes, right now, Iím injury and Iím hurt, but I will be back to AEW and I will be back to once again be champion and I will remind each and everyone one of you that not only am I the best womenís wrestler in the world, Iím the best wrestler in the world. I am Serena Deeb, the woman of a thousand holds.