Kenny Omega Clarifies Story About Missing A ROH Show, Reflects On His Time In DDT Pro

Posted By James Walsh on 08/01/21

AEW superstar and current triple-world champion Kenny Omega took to Twitter earlier today to clarify a story about why legendary wrestling personality, Jim Cornette, has disliked him so much as it stems back to a time Omega missed a ROH show that Cornette booked back in 2010.

The story is that the Cleaner decided not to work a ROH event due to an ankle injury, and instead traveled to Japan to attend the Tokyo Sports Awards, where he won best bout for a match he had in the Japanese indie federation DDT Pro.

Omega writes, “This is a great story so I’ll tell it one more time. I’d hurt my ankle and had to take 3 weeks off. The appearance I left for in Japan (before said ROH show) was an awards ceremony.I won my first Tokyo Sports Best Bout award.I didn’t wrestle.Important details are always changed.” When a fan asked him why he decided to attend an awards show over wrestle he wrote back, “Bruh, these are the most prestigious awards in wrestling. To win while I was repping DDT, a much smaller indy company, while being a junior heavyweight… Umm, yeah, it meant a lot to me.”

See the exchange below.