More on WWE Shutting Down their UK Company Just After Shutting Down WWE Japan

Posted By James Walsh on 09/11/21

As we previously reported, WWE shut down its Japan company, WWE Japan Holdings, which ran an office to promote shows and was reportedly set to run an NXT brand in the country. There were also rumors that WWE might try to purchase an exiting country there for NXT, but that never happened. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on that, as well as the news that WWe has also shut down their holdings company in the UK.

The belief is that now that NXT and the company in general are going in a new direction, running NXT branches in different parts of the world isn’t a high priority. The UK brand has nothing to do with the shutdown, however.

A source said: “Both Japan and UK (holdings company shutting down) don’t have any bearing on company initiatives or anything like that. Just procedural filings, etc. as I understand it.”

WWE Holdings UK filed a motion on August 25 to dissolve the company on September 7. The legal work noted that the company had been operating at a loss. The original idea with NXT UK (which is still running at this time) was to eventually get a TV deal, but that never happened. It is currently on BT Sport, drawing low viewership, and was not watched as much on the WWE Network. It’s unknown how it has been performing on Peacock as the information is not available. Before the pandemic, NXT UK had been drawing between 600-800 fans for tapings.