Lance Archer Discusses The Back Surgery He Had In 2017, Says He Performs Moves Differently To Avoid Back Compression

Posted By James Walsh on 09/13/21

AEW star and former IWGP United States champion Lance Archer recently appeared on AdFreeShows to discuss previous injuries he has endured, which include the Murderhawk Monster getting back surgery in 2017. Archer reveals that he even performs his Blackout finishing maneuver differently to avoid compressing his spine. Hear his full thoughts on the subject below.

Says his only major injury was the back surgery he had in 2017:

The only major injury was back surgery in 2017 while I was in Japan. The surgeon took care of me tremendously well. I researched more ways to not injure myself. Obviously, there was rehab in helping me get back to strength and being able to get back in the ring, not knowing if that was going to happen or not. Now that I had the surgery it was, ‘what are the things I need to do to avoid re-injuring myself?’ Wrestling is dangerous and you can re-injure yourself at any moment, but there are things you can do and things you can stay away from on a physical level to continue move forward.

Says he changed how he performs his finisher so it doesn’t compress his spine:

The compression of the spine over and over is something you have to avoid and now it’s something I avoid. My finish, the blackout, when I used to do it, I would sit down with it and take an ass bump. I don’t do that anymore because of the compression it puts on the spine.