Adam Cole Gets Caught Up on 5 Years Away in New Being the Elite Video

Posted By James Walsh on 09/13/21

The latest episode of Being the Elite sees Adam Cole catch back up with his buddies, the latest in the Nick Nemeth cream saga, and more. You can see the full video and a recap below:

* After having been resurrected last week, Adam Cole gets caught up on history and learns they’re called the Elite and haven’t been the Bullet Club, with Kenny Omega laughing hysterically about it. They show Cole the new handshake and Adam Cole clarifies that Cody has left the group and is a judge on a reality show. Cole says the craziest thing is that they started this company, to which Omega says, “Just the three of us” and Nick says that they’re three modern-day Ric Flairs in their prime, with Omega saying that Flair told them that just the other day. He does a Flair impression.

Cole says he’s enjoyed catching up and is going to go have a beer with Hangman. The trio diverts him into having an energy drink and he grabs one, but realizes it’s the one that killed him and gets a different one. He heads out and says he’s going to go look for Page, even though they say he’s not here. Nick asks how they’re going to tell him the complicated story they have with Hangman. Omega says they’ve done a lot of long-term storytelling with Hangman, and it will take a long time to bring Cole up to speed. They talk about why they tried to kill Cole before and Omega says he’s going to make things right. Omega says he’s in Cole’s corner, “no more of that cockamamie bulls**t.” So from here on in, he’ll support Cole as long as he stays in his lane. The Bucks tell him to stop being insecure and Omega says they should go to their respective locker rooms, and then they start goofing off.


* The group is heading out from All Out and where going to fly home, but they decided that was impossible after they got beat up in the cage match. Nick says it’s the most sore he’s ever been in his career, and he couldn’t go home and then have to leave 16 hours later. They moved their flight to later in the day but it got cancelled due to a thunderstorm. So they’re doing a road trip. They talk about how they lost their titles but brought their dead friend back to life and Nick tells the fans not to tell AC how he was killed in the first place.

* John Silver is drunk and walks up to Anna Jay, saying he misses her so much and hasn’t seen her “in a dog’s age.” He says a lot’s going down in the Dark Order and things are getting crazy; Page went home and isn’t answering his phone, as did Alex. He mocks the others and Anna is very uncomfortable; Silver says he’s drinking because he wants to be like Hangman. Silver starts to lose it and spits up a swig of beer.

* We see Jungle Boy doing flips into a pool.

* 2point0 are backstage and looking through Wheeler Yuta’s bag when Chuck Taylor comes up and questions them about it. They say that Yuta’s hair looks so good and they want to be enhanced like him, because they know he’s taking something like Just For Men. Taylor says he’s not and they don’t believe him, walking off angrily.

* Marko Stunt battles Matt Lee of 2point0 to defend his BTE Title, with Rick Knox dealing Blackjack. Marko wins three hands and Matt wins four, so Matt is the new BTE Champion. 2point0 take the title and walk off cheering, then cut a promo about working so long and hard for the title. Renee Paquette walks by and they yell at her if she wants a shot and she says (off camera), “You don’t want none of this.”

* Ryan Nemeth’s latest vignette in Hollywood has him closing up business at a restaurant looking depressed. Milk asks him what’s wrong with him as of late, and he says he’s thinking about someone Michelle and that he daydreams that she’s not dead. He says he wants to see her again, and there’s a small part of him that believes he will. Milk tells him to take his time and he finishes closing up until things get a little crazy and he staggers to the bathroom and gets cream flashbacks. Suddenly he’s back in the main room of the restaurant — it was all a vision — and he runs out of the restaurant and away.

* The Best Friends are watching Kris Statlander’s loss to Britt Baker, and Statlander walks in and says she told them not to watch. She gets pissed and Yuta, who was taking notes, says he didn’t put it on. Chuck and Orange get out of the way before Statlander leaps on him and chokes him out, saying, “As you’re going out, remember this: your finish f**king sucks.”

* We end with the Elite’s segment on Dynamite as seen from Cutler’s camera. We get clips of Cole’s appearance and Danielson coming out and fighting with the Elite. Cutler’s perspective is seen when Danielson, Christian Cage, Jurassic Express, and Frankie Kazarian surround him. He begs for them not to attack but they do, and he’s dragged to safety by the Elite as we end for the week.