Franky Monet on WWE's Gutting of NXT: "Natural Progression"

Posted By James Walsh on 09/14/21

Busted Open Radio interviewed WWE NXT Superstar Franky Monet this week ahead of tonightís NXT TV, which will feature the debut of the newly rebranded NXT 2.0. Below are some highlights (via

Franky Monet on being part of this new change to NXT: ďI feel like itís veryĖ itís just really cool and interesting to be here during this whole transformation. At first, people are worried or scared. Fans donít like change, we all know that, so everyoneís a little bit apprehensive. But I think that everything in sports entertainment, as performers, as brands, as companies and everything, we all need to have a sense of evolution. And I feel like this is a natural evolution for NXT. Youíre still going to see the same types of matches, the same grit, the same rawness. Youíre going to see people going out there every single week, giving everything they have to prove themselves on this platform. Itíll just be with a little more of a colorful logo. Iím never shy of some colors, so Iím excited. I think itís going to be a really nice, refreshing change, and Iím excited what everyone has to say about tomorrowís episode.Ē

Monet on getting to work with Triple H & Shawn Michaels: ďIím rarely speechless, but I definitely thought this was one of those moments where I was like, Ďwhat is my life? What is going on?í Itís just been incredible working with so many people that Iíve looked up to during my entire love of professional wrestling, love of sports entertainment, and the WWE. To be across the ring from them, to have them agenting my matches, to have them just discussing character. Them getting excited about my giant entrance as much as I get excited about it. And just really having them believe in my vision that I see for Franky Monet. Itís just a really positive space to be in. Iím just so thankful and grateful that I get to work for them and they allow me to be a part of NXT.Ē

On working in the same company as her husband, Rawís John Morrison, again: ďItís been great, honestly, because it was really hard for a little bit. Because I just felt we were just kind of existing in these two different universes so to speak. So, itís been great to finally be there with him. He was there the night of my in ring debut, backstage with me. Itís just been really cool, and Iím glad thatís he with me during this time where Iím starting somewhere new and getting to know how everything works around here. Heís really been my personal guide and my number one supporter through it all. Heís seen me go through a lot to get here, so Iím glad heís here with me.Ē