Mercedes Martinez Talks Signing With WWE Over AEW, Her Concussion During NXT Match

Posted By James Walsh on 09/14/21

Former WWE NXT star Mercedes Martinez did a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest and during it, spoke about a wide range of topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Signing with WWE over AEW:

ďI think the big goal for me was always WWE. If AEW had the chance to ó for me to go to AEW at that time before WWE, I think I would have gone to AEW. I think it was just a matter of timing. Timing and what I can do for my family at that time. I donít choose one over the other. I think at that time is whoever gave me the best option for me and my personal life with my family was the one who won. But WWE will always be number one in my book for right now. Itís always the goal isnít it? Itís always the dream. Itís always been my dream.Ē

Suffering a concussion during a June 29th tag team match on NXT:

ďI know it hasnít been discussed and Iíve shied away from it just because I donít want anyone to think it was something intentional. Wrestling is a physical sport and sometimes you just canít protect yourself. Sometimes kicks and punches hit where they are not supposed to hit. She caught me with that roundhouse right in the temple and knocked me out right on impact, then another double whammy right on impact so it was a legit concussion guys. However, I did recover from it within three weeks which is probably the fastest concussion recovery Iíve ever had because Iíve had a lot of concussions. Thatís the fastest one that Iíve recovered from but, no one give her any slack please. She did feel bad. Iím one of those people that did call her up and say, ĎHey, things happen.í Regardless of storylines or whatever, any wrestler would tell you that our safety and our wellbeing is number one on our list so, accidents happen. It ainít ballet, thatís right. Itís a physical sport. As many concussions [as] I had and the injuries and surgeries Iíve had in wrestling in the last 20 years, but Iím in great shape now. I feel like Iím 20. I donít know if Iíll feel like Iím 20 tomorrow [her return match], but after the matchÖĒ