Update on When Sami Zaynís Contract Is Believed To Expire

Posted By James Walsh on 09/17/21

There were conflicting reports last week about when Sami Zaynís contract with WWE comes to an end. One source cited a TVA Sports interview in April 2019, which stated that Zayn had around two and a half years left on his deal, which would be this fall. However, another source denied this and said the deal is ďnot up in the fall.Ē

Author and historian Pat Laprade reported in Lutte.Quebec that Zayn signed a three-year deal in late May or early June of 2018. Because heís had two shoulder surgeries, WWE extended it, possibly as long as nine-and-a-half months. If this is the case, Zaynís deal wonít be up until March or April, assuming he doesnít re-sign.