Paul Wight Talks Differences Between Producing AEW and WWE Matches

Posted By James Walsh on 09/17/21

Paul Wight made an appearance on Adam’s Apple YouTube Channel to discuss a wide range of topics.

During it, the AEW announcer talked about the differences in producing matches for AEW and WWE.

“I think both products are amazing, I just think they’re different products. I think WWE is always going to be that entertainment, sports spectacle. That global brand that they worked so hard to be. AEW is more of an authentic wrestling product, you know? There’s not 15-20 writers backstage in AEW.

“If you have a promo, you have a promo, and if you have a match, you have a match,” Paul explained. “There’s not as much upper-level handling on what they want during the match and what they’re trying to present for the extra property they own. Even for me, I’m doing Paul Wight but I’ve never had as much freedom as I do now in AEW doing this. Before, when I was in WWE as Big Show, it was a committee to get anything done.”