THE RANT: Reacting to Tommy Dreamer and Ric Flair's Being Found Guilty in the Court of Public Opinion

Posted By James Walsh on 09/19/21

"That's just Ric being Ric."

Was Charlie Manson just being Charlie? Was Hitler just being good ol' Adolph? How about Ted Bundy? Was he being crazy ol' Teddy Bear? Of course, I'm being a little over the top with this. What Flair did was wrong but it wasn't as bad as all of the above's crimes against humanity. But, how many stories did we hear over the years about Flair being a questionable human being and hear the excuse of, "That's just Ric being Ric." Not good enough anymore. It never should have been good enough.

We live in a society where the "woke mob" dictates good taste which means everything that has ever happened and will ever happen offends them and therefore is canceled. Why is there fewer comedies on TV now? Why are the ones that are on are simply not funny? Are people, the masses and not just the vocal minority, tired of humor? Or, is TV afraid to rpesent humor that might offend someone so instead we get dozens and dozens of "who done it" cop dramas with the most vile and offensive crimes spelled out and sometimes even show. But, somehow, THAT doesn't offend anyone. It offends me. But, I'm not a butt-hurt little crybaby on social media. So, I am left to simply not watcih modern TV at all. But, again, my viewing dollar doesn't count because I'm not a part of the vocal minority "woke mob".

If you had turned on any podcast, you would have heard Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff, Tommy Dreamer on Busted Open, Jim Ross, or even Chris Jericho addressing Flair and implying exactly what I've written above... "That's just Ric being Ric." "That's Natch!" Tommy approached this interview, accurately, like it was going to be viewed by mostly wrestling fans. And, most wrestling fans, including me, saw it and thought, "Ugh, Flair's a disaster." But, of course, Dave Meltzer insists his same match for 40 years straight was the greatest ever. So, we excuse that. Regardless, we have been trained to expect that of Ric Flair... But, the non-wrestling fans who just learned that the seemingly lovable old man who answers Carshield phone calls on that commercial is really the morally and, sometimes, financially bankrupt disgrace us wrestling fans know him to be? They didn't think his insisting a stewardess touch his horse cock was a funny rib and instead, accurately, saw it as sexual assault.

Look, I'm not in the woke mob. But, danging his dick in bar maid's faces while dancing on the bar top naked was a story I've heard of Flair doing multiple times from those who were there partying. Did an aged man with a nose larger than most birds of prey's beak ever sound oike any 20 something's idea of a dream bang? No, they were ALL wronged.

I do agree that "boys will be boys." And, I like my wrestlers chasing skirts and scoring the hot girls more than playing the latest, increasingly nerdy video game with ghosts and goblins and dragons and other horse shit that never has and never will exist. These loser geeks might get the occasional piece of ass from a friend sharing his loose girlfriend to prove she's down with a swirl. But, to be around all these gorgeous ladies and not try to score and instead play video games? I am not meant for this generation! With that said, trying to make time with someone does NOT involve pressuring them to touch you or being naked and forcing them to move freely to escape your advances. That's called sexual assault. And, no matter if it was when men were men or when men were butt-hurt video game playing nerds with sympathy f***s from a friend's girlfriend being their only chance at a woman, it is wrong... It was wrong with Ric Flair doign it even if it was "Ric being Ric" and it would be wrong if a President did it... In fact, one is finally about to get his 30 plus years laterr.

Doing wrong doesn't matter if the doer is a famous face or had a heck of a career. If you do wrong, you should pay for it. And, Flair is... Now... In the court of public opinion. Maybe the "woke mob" got one right.