CM Punk Defends Rick Steiner's Son's Ring Name in WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 09/22/21

WWE NXT talent Bronson Rechsteiner recently made his NXT 2.0 debut with the controversial nickname, Bron Breakker. Earlier today, CM Punk commented on the debate over his ring name, which fans have decried as it denies Breakker’s heritage as the son of former WCW and WWE Superstar Rick Seiner.

Initially, a Twitter user TAPE wrote on the topic, “They have found the man who is going to save the future of men’s wrestling in WWE. y’all will get used to the name ‘Bron Breakker.’ I agree it’s stupid but try to remember the first time you heard names like ‘CM Punk’ and ‘Roman Reigns’ etc etc etc. Goober names just become names over time if the wrestler isn’t ass.”

Punk later responded and wrote on Bron Breaker’s ring name, “CM Punk is the ultimate stupid name. Bron is awesome and going to be fine. He should be Steiner, but it’s not his fault. Changing my name to ‘Killer Brooks.'”