MJF's Parents Apologize For Bringing Him Into The World

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 09/23/21

MJFs parents attended last nights AEW Dynamite taping and made it clear that they are not fans. They had a sign that read: Were MJFs parents and we think he SUCKS too!

During an interview with a FITE TV reporter, Nina and Steven Friedman went even further.

Nina said: We are the bad ones, and wed like to say that we are sorry. We apologize to the entire world. He is a fing idiot, but hes ours. Im always happy to see him get his ass kicked, he deserves it. I can still kick his ass though. I dont care one bit. He still respects his mama.

Steven added: Im not allowed to kick his ass anymore because Id go to jail. Were sorry for introducing him to the world of wrestling.