AEW Confirms More Talents for Jericho Cruise

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 09/23/21

AEW has confirmed some new names today for the upcoming Chris Jericho Rock n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea. The latest wrestlers for the next Jericho Cruise are Wardlow, Sonny Kiss, Chaos Project (Serpentico & Luther), Rebel, and Ashley D’Amboise. You can see the announcements listed below.

Additionally, cruise promoter and organizer, Sixthman Services, has announced that that the musical act Kick Axe and Dave Penzer will no longer be joining the cruise (via Fightful):

We’re happy to announce these awesome AEW wrestlers joining the Triple Whammy! Welcome Wardlow, Rebel, Sonny Kiss, Chaos Project, and Ashley D’Amboise to Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea!

Kick Axe and Sitting Ringside with Dave Penzer are no longer able to join us on Triple Whammy, however we hope to welcome them aboard in the future.

We’re not done yet, stay tuned for our final lineup announcement and more Triple Whammy experiences that you can be a part of too!