Adam Cole Says Leaving DaParty Was The Hardest Part of Jumping to AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 09/23/21

Adam Cole is happy in AEW, but he says it was a tough decision to make the jump especially knowing heíd be leaving his UpUpDownDown brethren. Cole was a guest on Renee Paquetteís Oral Sessions and talked about going to AEW and more. You can check out the highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On his experience in AEW thus far: ďI feel, not to sound clichť, but I feel like Iím on top of the world. These past few weeks have just been the best. Anyone who knows me, Iíve been very open about watching AEW since it started and following it closely. And seeing the fans and seeing locker room and seeing how happy everyone is, that was a really eye opening thing for me actually, as far as my decision and how easy it was. There were many people I had known while they were elsewhere or doing other things, and seeing these people in AEW and seeing how much fun they were having, how happy they were, I was like Ďoh my god, wow. Thatís really, really awesome.í

ďI donít know if I ever really jumped into this. Iíll never forget it, but it was a couple days before All Out, where I was still kind of making my decision. It had gotten to a point where we were getting press close. Donít get me wrong, I was pretty sure from the gate that AEW was where I wanted to go. But it was still not an easy decision to make. 9 year old me fell in love with pro wrestling because of WWE, so it was a Ďoh, what do I do?í I remember it was 1 in the morning, Britt was fast asleep right beside me and Iím just laying there just awake. Iím a night owl, so Iím normally much later than she is and get up much later than she does. But I was laying there, my eyes were shut, and I was just thinking about showing up in AEW. And I got that giddy, 9 year old feeling thinking about it. So I was like Ďthatís it.í Iíve always followed my gut and Iíve always followed my heart, and the idea of coming here made me so excited and made me feel like a kid again. These past few weeks have just been proof that I made the right call. I could not be more excited right now. Iím so pumped.Ē

On no longer being part of DaParty on UpUpDownDown: ďVery hard. That was probably the hardest part of the decision I think. I really formed a close bond with Woods and Swiss (Cesaro) and Breeze over the pandemic. The backstory of that is so funny too, because Claudio and Breeze and Creed all wanted to start producing more content since the pandemic started. And they were like ĎI think we want to start playing Uno, we need a fourth guy.í I didnít know this, but when I did the first episode, I was kind of on trial. That was my audition and I didnít know that. I was like Ďalright, Iíll do ití, and they all knew immediately Ďoh my god, this is our four man crew.í

ďI talk to those guys every single day. We have a group chat and we talk every single day. So that makes me feel better, because it feels like I havenít lost that connection with those guys. But the most important thing, for sure, was so many different messages that we have gotten, so many different situations that people have been in. Iím talking about family members passing away or an animal passing away or them losing their jobs or whatever it was. And them saying those videos really helped them get through a really rough time is so crazy and so humbling and so cool. I wish so badly there was a way for us to still do stuff together, I really do. But I did say itís not goodbye, itís just see you later. So it doesnít mean itís done forever. But I love those guys to death, I loved everyone who watched Uno and watched all the content we did, because what an amazing group of people. Iím going to miss it a lot.Ē