Booker T On If He Thinks Gimmicks Are A Thing Of The Past

Posted By James Walsh on 09/24/21

During a recent episode of the Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T spoke on whether he still believes that gimmicks have a place in wrestling. Hereís what he had to say:

I was talking about something last week, and I said gimmicks are pretty much the thing of the past. But I always say also, thereís a place for something like that on the show, but there can only be one. Everybody cannot be a gimmick as far as the overall show. Itís not gonna work if every wrestlerÖ.it would look like cartoon or circus. But if youíve got that one guy like The Undertaker Ė you just canít have the whole roster looking like a gimmick. The same thing with the performance. You just canít play haha all the time and get in the ring and expect the fans to take you serious if you donít switch gears. You can do haha, but when you get in the ring, haha goes out the window. I say that because itís professional wrestling. The most athletic guy may not be the most over guy because this is entertainment.