Arn Anderson Reacts to Cody Rhodes Being Boo'd on AEW Dynamite

Posted By James Walsh on 09/24/21

Arn Anderson (seemingly in character) recently appeared on Busted Open Radio, he discussed Cody Rhodes being booed at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, comparisons between Cody and other wrestlers who have turned their focus to Hollywood, and much more. Hereís what he had to say (via Fightful):

Arn Anderson on Cody Rhodes being booed by fans: ďWrestling fans are awesome. The reason I love them so much is they are so honest. When youíre great, most of the time, theyíll tell you. When you suck, theyíll let you know. I can see it and hear it. There are rumblings, not about Cody being the flagship or the face of the company because he carries that badge and I agree that he should because he can get the word out about our product and he does a great job. The fact is, without being one of, if not the best wrestler in the company, how many people are going to actually listen to him? Hollywood is a grand thing if thatís all youíre doing is Hollywood. Right now, he needs to concentrate on getting his wins and losses turned around and earn the fact that when he opens his mouth, people listen. Right now, Iím not too sure. Hollywood is a positive thing in a lot of case, Iím not sure if it works for Cody in this situation,Ē he said, seemingly speaking from an in-character perspective.

On the comparisons between Cody and other wrestling stars who have turned their focus to Hollywood: ďI donít pretend to be a mind reader, but Iím trying to get in the head of a wrestling fan. The most talented guy and the number one guy in Hollywood right now is The Rock, no disputing that. John Cena was a guy who always said he was dedicating 100% of his time to the fans, to the company, to the business. When he started doing movies and was no longer with WWE, I think fans possibly, Iím not putting words in their mouth, may have felt betrayed that they got their support behind these guys and when they got red hot, they took off to Hollywood. I donít think thatís the case, they earned everything they got and they deserve a chance to pursue other things. That may be, ĎCody is going to get red hot, do all these shows, and heís not going to be around anymore.í I think they might feel a little bit, I donít want to say betrayed but slighted a little bit.Ē