"Macho Man" Randy Savage versus the Kool-Aid Man Featured in New "Death Battle"

Posted By James Walsh on 10/11/21

Death Battle, done by losers who ripped off the idea from the 1990's MTV series "Celebrity Death Battle" which was occasionally good for laughs, have taken aim at wrestling as "Macho Man" Randy Savage takes on the Kool-Aid Man. No, not Paul Heyman who convinced a whole locker room it was worth breaking their bodies for him in order to receive bounced checks in return and since has convinced an entire industry he's somehow a genius - Maybe he's good at math or something? No, it is actually the Kool-Aid man from the commercials to sell the sugar latent juice.

If I sound pissed off as I type this, it is because I am. Watch it below. If it pisses you off too, we can be friends. If it doesn't, we can't.