Crowbar Thanks Tony Khan In Video Before AEW Dark: Elevation Match

Posted By James Walsh on 10/11/21

Crowbar made his AEW debut on this week’s AEW Dark: Elevation, and he released a video cutting a promo and thanking Tony Khan before the show. The WCW alumnus faced Joey Janela on Monday’s show. You can see the promo he posted to his Twitter account below.

Crowbar said in the video (per Wrestling Inc):

“Following my release from World Championship Wrestling, I took many steps back from this disgusting, depraved industry and the repressive glass ceiling that encased it. And I found much success in all… all of my future endeavors, thank you John Laurinaitis. And outside of indulging in my sick compulsion for violence at the occasional independent show, for 20 years I watched from a distance, patiently waiting, preparing for the proper moment, and the proper venue, to conduct my symphony of eloquent, efficient violence in front of the world. Finally, a visionary has shattered that glass ceiling and changed this sport forever. A visionary who has created an environment that cultivates greatness, and he allows creativity and innovation to thrive, 20 years later. That visionary is now the farmer who has invited the fox inside the chicken coup, and the shepherd who has allowed the wolf to roam with his flock. Cheers, and thank you, Mr. Khan.”