Hangman Page Is Called Back to Work On Latest Being the Elite (Recap)

Posted By James Walsh on 10/11/21

The latest Being the Elite is online, featuring Hangman Page being called back to work and more. You can see the full video below, plus a recap:

* We get a recap of the eight-man tag match on this week’s Dynamite, where the Super-Elite botch a powerbomb on Luchasaurus. After the match, Nakazawa comes in and bends over to tie his shoelace. The Bucks say that he’s in the position and they want to try it again, but Nakazawa stands up. Cole walks behind and low blows him to bend him over and they go to do the powerbomb, but they can’t figure out the timing and then Nakazawa ends up being too heavy.


* The Bucks and Brandon Cutler head to Philadelphia for Dynamite. The Bucks see an alert from the airport that Kenny Omega needs to claim a lost item, so they text him and it was his passport and boarding card. He went back to retrieve them.

* The Bucks then visit Rocky’s statue, which they’ve never done before. They joke that they rooted for Thunderlips and praise the movie, then go visit the famous steps Rocky ran up and make Cutler do the run. He gets to the top and celebrates, and they go shoe shopping as per usual.

* Hangman Page is at home in bed and gets a letter from AEW’s HR department. He reads it aloud because it’s a common TV trope, and he has to return to TV because he’s used up his off days for his “give-a-f**k-ectomy.” If he doesn’t return, he will have his payment withheld. The letter has a Joker card enclosed for his return in the Casino Ladder Match.

* The Dark Order are hanging out in the locker room and Anna Jay gives them a hard time for forgetting about her for five months. She suggests that the group kick Stu out of the group, but is outvoted. Silver then suggests the Bollywood Boys as potential recruits amid a host of other votes, but nothing passes. They eventually decide to vote on going to Chili’s and agree to that. Reynolds asks if the group realized that Hangman returned, and no one seems to have done so.

* Leva Bates is backstage saying that it’s been a very up and down period for her and she’s been feeling blue, noting she’s “up to her neck” in Blue. So she brought in the Blue Meanie, because if anyone would understand feeling blue, it would be him. He says that he’s been where she is now and has experienced every shade of blue. When all is said and done, you have to embrace it and be Bluetiful. She tries it and his happy.

* Cole is on the phone as John Silver and Alex Reynolds come up and start talking to him. The guys want to apologize for thinking he was all about the boobs, and he says it’s never been about the boobs but is all about the boom. Alex and Stu say that they still want to be friends, but he says he already has friends. He says they’re not that cool, but Cole disagrees. They make a lot of arguments including suggesting a name change since there’s another Adam. They suggest Budge and Muff Flanagan, but Cole suggest they “eat s**t” and leaves.

* We then get some footage of the Elite’s match on Dynamite from Cutler’s perspective.

* Ryan Nemeth sits down in an apartment and says that his girlfriend Anna has broken up with him so he has a lot to get off his chest. He says he’s in her apartment because he’s off shooting a movie in Atlanta, noting that she broke up long distance and told him to get his stuff out and move. He says he’s okay and his perception and self-image are not diminished, ranting about how he’s hot — “Hollywood Hot” in specific. He spirals quickly down and says Anna is filming with Kevin Bacon (assumedly this is Anna Chlumsky, who is shooting John Logan’s new horror film with Bacon). He says he’s not drawing conclusions but clearly is, before telling himself to calm down and saying he hopes Anna has a wonderful, successful movie career before adding, ‘You know that’s s**t’s fake, right?”

* 2point0 reveal the BTE Championship Tournament bracket on their latest show, picking the names for the brackets which are as follows:
– Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana
– Fuego del Sol vs. Dante Martin
– John Silver vs. Evil Uno
– Chuck Taylor vs. Joker

* We end with some behind the scenes footage of the Casino Ladder Match participants before the bout, plus highlights of the match including Hangman Page’s win.