Nick Mondo On Possible Season Two For Heels, Working As a Stuntman On the Show

Posted By James Walsh on 10/12/21

Nick Mondo recently appeared on the Wrestling Inc. Daily, and the GCW Deathmatch Hall of Famer discussed a variety of topics, including what heís hearing on a possible season two for Heels, his work as a stuntman on the show, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Nick Mondo on what heís hearing on a possible season two for Heels: ďIím also dabbling in stunt work, which is very interesting to me. Do you know the show Heels? I was there for the whole first season working on the stunt team. Youíll spot me a few times in the show. They actually let me wear my gimmick, my Nick Mondo gimmick, on the show. I think thereís going to be a season two. I havenít gotten the confirmation, but Iím hearing some rumblings, and so Iím very eager to get back in there.Ē

On working on the show as part of the stunt team: ďI earned my SAG membership when I was living in Los Angeles, and then I moved to Atlanta two years ago. I was just starting to get my stunt gigs in LA. The last Gears of War game, it was brutal. We did all of the action, all of the stunts, everything within two days, explosions, reactions to explosions and all the death scenes. It was not my first big stunt gig, but it was a really good time on the show. They built that whole arena. It looks like a warehouse, where they run the shows. Thatís all inside of a soundstage at Tyler Perry Studios. So you walk into the soundstage and then thereís another shell inside of that. They just constructed that whole area. Itís just like a fake wrestling arena. They built the whole thing in there, and youíve got the office where the promoter sits and works through.