Josh Alexander Calls Recent Iron Man Matchup Against TJP His Career Best

Posted By James Walsh on 10/12/21

IMPACT X-Division champion Josh Alexander recently spoke on the Travelís ĎUNLOCKEDí series to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how he finds his iron man title defense over TJP to be his career best. Highlights are below.

Believes the Iron Man against TJP is his best match:

ďI would say itís probably the best match [Iron Man with TJP] Iíve ever had in my career when you take in all the factors that are involved. A 60-minute Iron Man is, to me, the most physically and mentally grueling thing you can do in pro wrestling. I think itís the biggest and hardest challenge you can have in pro wrestling and to go out there with TJP and to come back out of it, exceeding our own expectations like we did, you know, itís something I look back on fondly now that itís over with.Ē

Thinks fans are ready to watch him take the next step in his career:

ďDefinitely in the moment it wasnít all that awesome but, you know, itís probably the best match Iíve ever had in my career to this point and it was definitely the springboard that got me to the point now where handing over the X Division Title for Option C. I think people are ready for what can possibly be a bigger step for me and just the feedback from that match and all the buzz that was wrapped around what came out of that match.Ē