Elix Skipper Does Rare Recent Interview with Alan "Kwee-Wee" Funk

Posted By James Walsh on 10/13/21

During the Get Funk’d With Allan “Kwee Wee” Funk Ep25, former TNA wrestler Elix Skipper discussed his famous cage walk spot at TNA Turning Point 2004. The match saw Skipper along with Christopher Daniels in Triple X facing America’s Most Wanted. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Skipper on wanting to do the spot earlier: “The first time we did a cage match, I wanted to do that move, but we didn’t do it because the AC went out on the first pay-per-view, so we didn’t do it. The AC goes out, everything is slick, so you couldn’t even stand on the cage. That’s the only reason I didn’t do it like three years prior.”

Elix Skipper on Triple X’s feud with AMW: “We wrestled them so many times. If you wrestle somebody two or three times, it’s not even work. You didn’t even have to talk, it was one of those matches. Just go in there and do what we do. I don’t know what I was thinking. I got up there and the difference in a six foot cage and a 20-foot cage is it’s going to shake when you get to the top. That’s why when you see me walking across it, I got my arms out. I’m trying to balance because the cage is moving. That’s the only thing I didn’t think of when I was going that walk,” he said. “I didn’t have a chance to get scared. I stood up and had both my feet togther, I never stand on the cage with both my feet together, that was the only way to get balance. As soon as I stood up, I took off. I didn’t want to fall. It hurt like hell. I hurt my ribs when I landed, my two ribs on the right side.”