MJF Interested in Wrestling Roman Reigns, Possibly Entertaining WWE Offers After his AEW Deal

Posted By James Walsh on 10/19/21

MJF doesnít want to say too much at bout the AEW and WWE ratings battle because heís keeping his options open, but he shared a few thoughts recently anyway. The AEW heel was on Rassliní With Brandon Walker recently and talked about his future beyond his current contract, last Fridayís much-discussed AEW and WWE head-to-head ratings and more. You can check out the highlights below, per Fightful:

On keeping his options open once his contract is up in 2024: ďEventually, these guys who are great are gonna have to retire. Youíre not gonna be happy when they do. But Iím gonna be here for a long time. So Tony Khan understands where his bread is buttered. Tony Khan understands he has the best promo, or interviewee, or guy on the stick, however you want to say it in all professional wrestling. Iím also one of the best in-ring wrestlers in the world today, which Iíd love to get into that too later. My issue and the reason why I donít get into ratings talk and Iíll let everybody else do it is someday, if Tony Khan; again, a good friend of mine, doesnít fork up the right amount of money when my contract goes up, in the beginning of 2024, I might go to the other place. I might go over there, I might go to IMPACT, I might go to Ring of Honor. I can go wherever I want because Iím the hottest commodity in professional wrestling.Ē

On Rampage beating Smackdown in the head-to-head demo rating: ďRoman Reigns lost in the key demographic to Ruby Soho, and Ruby Soho sucks so I donít know what to tell you. Donít get me wrong, thatís not me shitting on Roman Reigns. I think Roman Reigns is a hell of a performer, he really is. I think heís absolutely incredible. Am I better than him on the mic and in the ring? Sure, but Iím not gonna go out of my way and talk shit about him because I respect him. I respect what he does. I respect the hard work that goes into putting out that product that is WWE. Again, someday I might work there. Iím also sure if he sees this, heíll pretend he doesnít know who I am because thatís what they do over there. When in reality I know that theyíre all watching our stuff. Again, I cannot stress this enough, a huge fan of Roman Reigns. I think heís great. Would love to work with him one day.Ē