SWE Fury Event in San Antonio, Texas Does Not Take Place, Company Done

Posted By James Walsh on 11/22/21

A fe wweeks ago, we reported that SWE Fury was in bad shape. However, they continued to leave the ability to purchase tickets for a San Antonio show that was to happen on November 20th up on their official site. With no press releases to promote it, no media interviews to do so either, and no match card ever released, we checked into it and the event was cancelled before the ticket on sale date even started back in October.

SWE was a back to basics Texas wrestling promotion created to bring back the vibe of World Class, USWA, and Global. Involving many of the members of that roster either in ring or in agent roles, the promotion gained steam during the pandemic likely because of Texas' more open nature when it came to COVID protocols. However, when the rest of the world started to open up, the cracks in their foundation began to show.

We believe conflicts at the top including the involvement of Lacey Von Erich have resulted in the company folding. While they continue to release videos on YouTube, the promotion has been described as "done" by two sources we've spoken to. We have no evidence to suggest otherwise.