Seth Rollins Claims Becky Lynch was Uncomfortable Facing Charlotte Flair

Posted By James Walsh on 11/22/21

Itís been well documented that Becky Lynch is no longer friends with Charlotte Flair and they had a backstage confrontation last month at WWE SmackDown following their championship exchange segment.

Lynch beat Flair in a champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series. After the show, Seth Rollins, Lynchís husband, spoke about the match Ariel Helwani of BT Sport.

ďI canít even relate to the experience she probably went through out there tonight. Itís one thing to go out and perform on a high level on a pay-per-view, having a near one-year-old baby that you also have to take care of, but when you have a falling out with your best friend, and I can tell you, legitimately, thatís been a process thatís been going on for years and it really reached a boiling point recently, as all the reports have said. There was nothing about going into this match she was comfortable with and I imagine it was an extremely cathartic experience for her. Iíve been out there and had matches where there wasnít that much tension and itís brought me to tears when I come back. I can only assume sheís in an interesting place, hopefully, a good place because they both killed it out there and I was really proud of her and everything she has done and did tonight,Ē he said.

He was also asked whether things were awkward for him:

ďNo, I donít think so. Iím in a position where I think Iím a bit of a leader. Iíve been here a long time and so, I donít think anything puts me in an awkward situation. I donít have to pick sides. Iím pretty fair on things and I see it as they come. I didnít feel any awkwardness, itís definitely awkward for them, Iím sure the womenís locker room was very difficult to deal with, but for me, sheís my wife, sheís y ride or die and Iím always on her side no matter what.Ē